Tetra Ryerson

Engineering that breaks down barriers

Tetra Ryerson is a student run group that works with the North American Society of Tetra. Together we create assistive devices for individuals with disabilities

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Automatic Door Opener

Michael is a retired professor living with quadriplegia as a result of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who uses Tecla devices to access his iPad, iPhone, and smart home technology with his wheelchair driving controls and ability switches (sip-and-puff). In his current state, he finds it quite difficult to get in and out of his residential living space. Locking and unlocking the door to this space also proves to be a problem at hand.

Michael has developed a program that allows a residential door to be locked/unlocked, opened/closed using two different methods, enabling individuals with upper body mobility impairments to get in and out of their homes more easily.

Solution/Method 1: RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the process of encoding digital data into tags and/or smart labels. RFID works by using electromagnetic fields to detect/track objects that have been tagged.

Being primarily wheelchair driven, Michael has been able to use RFID, pushplates, and Raspberry Pi in combination with his wheelchair to open/close and lock/unlock the door of his home.

Solution/Method 2:

The second method uses the Z Wave application on an iPad to lock/unlock and open/close the door. Z Wave is an app that is used to connect and control smart homes and/or smart (home) devices.

Tetra members will be required to gain an in depth understanding of both solutions, to be able to later document them and generate a user-friendly manual. This manual will be available to others with similar accessibility needs, to be able to implement these solutions in their residential environment(s). Experience in working with coding software, Raspberry Pi or the equivalent, software applications will be an asset to this position. Strong communication and documentation skills are required.

Population Description: Individuals with upper body mobility limitations.

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