Tetra Ryerson

Engineering that breaks down barriers

Tetra Ryerson is a student run group that works with the North American Society of Tetra. Together we create assistive devices for individuals with disabilities


Visual impairment is an issue that affects millions of people worldwide and over half a million in Canada. With the help of technology, white-canes have recently been innovated for these individuals, which provide sensory input through the cane to the user based on sound and vibration.

The purpose of our team was to improve the current designs to afford active cane users the mobility to travel safely, efficiently and independently within any chosen environment. For this purpose, our team is designing a cane to detect any obstacles on the road. This cane will include features such as; an emergency button to notify surrounding people if help is needed, inform the user about the current time resulting in the user being able to travel, and communicate more confidently. 

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