Tetra Ryerson

Engineering that breaks down barriers

Tetra Ryerson is a student run group that works with the North American Society of Tetra. Together we create assistive devices for individuals with disabilities


For many months, team Eye Puck has been meeting, researching, and working on the most innovative design for an audible hockey puck to suit the needs of the visually impaired. The Eye Puck is designed to overcome the obstacles that many visually impaired players face. This innovative design currently includes:

  • Wireless charging mechanisms  
  • Wireless auditory control from the bench
  • Speed detection to adjust sound projection
  • Minimized Doppler effect
  • Unidirectional sound projection

Currently the team of six engineers are in their testing and prototyping phase. Tetra Ryerson is very pleased to take on this project brought to us by Steve Pollard, a remarkable community member for those with visual impairments. We hope to proudly present a functioning Eye Puck to the visually impaired community.

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